Our Little Shop [Open]

Shall I get the overlays or anything has to be changed?

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Edited cover

Pw; :star:Our Little Shop :star:
Charater details;

Author: Kiimchi

Font: Like the large covers
Wording: “Perception of Reality”
Pose: I want her to be baalancing a book like on her head or finger laying on the long couch as if shes bored
Background(make sure its free):

zoomed in so you can see her but so that she’s still part of the bg

If you could make it go with the large cover (this is a small cover)

you don’t have a preference pose? Bc i’m really confused on the pose.

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I tried to look everyone for one but i couldnt :sob: :sob: one sec ill look again if i cnt find one ill change it if your confused :two_hearts:

Like this

on the couch on the far left

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thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :two_hearts:

Can you please give the outfit details?

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Full Turban Headwrap Cotton Red Candy
Tap Short Pants Top And Bottom Lace Detailing Silk Grey…
Lace Sleeveless Undershirt Satin Red Plum Rose
Thin Round Rim Glasses Metal Gold
Locket Necklace Metal Gold

Here you go :relaxed: :two_hearts:

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@AngryBird Hi! Do you still take requests?

Yeah I do take love

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To @Maeverie.Rivera, (or anyone that is available if not able)
I am requesting a character card :heartpulse:

:star:Our Little Shop :star:

  • What Are Your Character’s Appearance Details?
    Female generic body - Neutral 2
    Arched natural - brown deep
    Medium wavy ombre - Medium blonde
    Female generic - Hazel
    Heart soft
    Round broad
    Full heart pouty - Red deep gloss
    Name - Georgia
    Pose - idle_armscrossed_shifteyes_loop the part where she is looking at the camera
  • What Outfit Do You Want Your Character To Have?

Triangle Long Earrings Metal Gold

Pull Tab Yellow Stitched Rubber Heel Boot Matte Leather Black…

Locket Necklace Metal Gold

Turtleneck Sweater And High Waisted Pants Cotton White…

  • Backgrounds Non - Specific Theme?
    A space theme/background please!

I haven’t got a deadline but I’d preferably like it this month :blob_hearts:



Great! I was wondering if I could request script template with this background and two overlays:


BTW password - :star: Our Little Shop :star:

I’d like for the template to have kids running around and playing on the equipment. (About 4-5 kids
is perfectly fine).

Thank you!

Just mail me the overlays coz they change to JPG here in the forums.
Mail- dhanalakshmiangryybirdd@gmail.com

@M_H_C_Episode please add her to my list and attach the game overlays of Jazzimay request to my completed ones.

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Alright Ill do that now!

Hi, artists! Love all your work!!
I would like a character card by @Eri_wright, please.
Password: :star:Our Little Shop :star:

  • What Are Your Character’s Appearance Details?
    Body: Female Generic Body - Gold 02
    Eyebrows: Arched Natural - Medium Warm Brown
    Hair: Bouffant Long Wavy - Chestnut Brown
    Eyes: Deepset Almond
    Face: Heart Soft
    Nose: Grecian Soft
    Lips: Full Heart Pouty - Rose Gloss
    Pose: flirt_wink_atcamera_pose
  • What Outfit Do You Want Your Character To Have?
    (For some reason my computer is being really slow so pictures aren’t loading.)
    Ruffled Sleeves Tied Bodycon Dress Cotton White - Ballet Flats Ties Cotton Grey Black - Pearl Bracelet Grey White
  • Backgrounds Non - Specific Theme?
    I don’t really have a specific theme, but if you have it, I would like a gold/ dark blue background/theme if you have one. If you don’t have it then something white will do.

Thank you so much!


request exsepted @M_H_C_Episode pls add her tomy list and then mark me as unavailibe pls and ty


Thanks so much! :heart: :smiley:

Finally finished, it may not be quite what you’ve expected but here ya go. (i also tried my best to make both covers similar)

open me