Our Little Shop [Open]

Its not but their beautiful thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Well, sorry about that.


It was meant to be a good thing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sparkles:

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Hey everyone! Remember to always believe in yourself!
So, I have been avoiding Episode it’s self, and Episode Forums. I have been doing this because no one really notice’s me and I miss people. Happy New year snd holidays! I’m feeling a bit sick and getting anxiety because of lock down. :revolving_hearts: :pleading_face: :grimacing:



Happy New Year & Get Well Soon (:

(Always here if you want to talk) (:

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To @DalilahEpi,
I am requesting An overlay
Password: :star: Our Little Shop :star:
Desc: A neutrally emotioned wolf overlay facing left to match the character below:

The episode it is for comes out in around 5/6 weeks so I’d say a deadline of in about 3 weeks so that it can be accepted.
Thank you!

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Hey guys, can someone request from me? I’m free.

To @Teja_6274 ,
I am requesting for an edited scene,
Password: :star: Our Little Shop :star:
Two characters in it,

Character details

First character:
Body: Female soft
Skin tone: Gold 1
Eyes: Female generic, Aqua blue
Eyebrow: Arched thin, deep brown
Hair: Updo, chestnut brown
Face shape: Diamond long
Nose: defined neutral
Mouth: Full wide, fair gold matte

*Second character:
Body: Male athletic
Skin tone: Gold 1
Eye brow: Round thin, deep brown
Hair: Messy undercut, Bllonde medium
Eyes: Male generic, brown dark
Face: Heart soft
Nose: straight pointed
Lips: Medium heart, fair gold matte


*Character 1:
Frayed Cuttoff Shorts Denim Grey Black
Birds In Flight Tattoo
Choker Jewel Square Diamond White
Pointed Toe High Heels Pleather Complex Color
*Character 2:
Chain Accessories Ripped Jeans Denim Warm Grey Dark
Printed Shirt Leather Jacket Leather Black Plain
Espadrilles Slip On Canvas Complex Color


Boy pushes girl to the wall
pose for girl: idle_terrified_pose
pose for boy; leanon_happy_loop

Theme: in a bar with lights she have a empty tray that suddenly slipped from hands when boy come close
BG will be like this blurred if possible (zoom to the wall next to stage)

Genre: Romance
Hmm its seems difficult take your time :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:

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Hey! I am a bit confused. Which pose do you need? The 1st or 2nd one?

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Aww sorry the exact pose is second one in first i mean they look each other boy is playing with her

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It’s excepted and please be aware that it will take a while

@M_H_C_Episode Please add @Ayana.biju5 to my list


I’ll do asap when I’m not home schooling (:

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Is this shop still open?? If it still is :point_right: I would like to do a request:

  • Password:

:star:Our Little Shop :star:

  • Artist? @Angrybird
  • Small Cover or Large Cover = (UpperHalf Screen = Large Cover) - Small Cover INK & LL
  • What Episode Background? - EXT. REDCARPET3 - NIGHT
  • Any Character Details?
    Female (INK) details:
    Body -> Taupe
    Brow -> Smooth Arch
    Hair -> Beach Wave Hair, Platinum Blond
    Eyes -> Round Bold, Black
    Face -> Defined Heart
    Nose -> Soft Naturel
    Lips -> Blossom Lips, Rose

Male (INK) details:
Body -> Taupe
Brow -> Mature Grand, Fawn
Hair -> Boy Bun, Platinum Blond
Eyes -> Classic Round, Black
Face -> Athletic Square Jaw
Nose -> Button
Lips -> Smirk, Taupe

May (LL) details:
Body -> Female Athletic, Neutral 03
Brow -> Arch Natural Scar, Light Brown
Hair -> Beach Wave Hair, Platinum Blond
Eyes -> Round Downturned Wide, Brown Black
Face -> Heart Soft
Nose -> Round Broad
Lips -> Full Round Pouty, Red Deep Gloss

Male (LL) details:
Body -> Male Athletic, Neutral 03
Brow -> Straight Medium Scar, Light Brown
Hair -> Curly Mohawk, Platinum Blonde
Eyes -> Oval Wide, Brown Black
Face -> Square Long Jaw Shadow
Nose -> Button Wide
Lips -> Medium Heart, Rose Light Nude Gloss

  • Any Character Outfits?
    Outfit Female:
    Leather and Pleats Dress; Black Ridged Moto Jacket; Black Beach Day Skater Shoes.

Outfit Male:
Red Striped Shoes; Slim Slacks; Poloshirt Celery; Lady Rose Tattoo (Cade).

Outfit Female:
Studded Cutoff Shorts Rocker Denim Grey Black; Collared Crop Rolledup Sleeves Jacket Leather Red Cherry; Crop Tank Undershirt Silk Green Teal; Tribal Chest Tattoo; Flat Lace Up Sneakers Canvas Pastel Rainbow; Snake And Rose Tattoo Ink Multicolor.

Outfit Male:
Open Collar Button Up Cotton Daffodil; Tribal Chest Tattoo; Lace Up Hiking Boots Leather Grey Black; Nose Bridge Studs Silver; Studded Faded Jeans Denim Blue Oxford.

  • What Poses (Can Be Customized Depending On Difficulty)? - With the back against each other, both have a cocky smile…
  • What Theme? Comedy - Please, not romantic… Because they are siblings… :slightly_smiling_face:
  • Any Text Needed? (The Title ->) Bounded Minds
    (The Author ->) AngelWings
  • Genre? Comedy

Please, let me know if you can fullfill my request… You can always PM/DM me at my instagram: @angelwings_1983 .


Bump! (:

Bump -> Sorry for asking… I will ask another artist. I would like to delete my request.

@AngelWings1983, I apologise on @AngryBird’s behalf that she didn’t get the round to answering your request as her account is currently suspended but I wish you good luck with whichever artist you now choose to request from (:

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Thank you. It’s okay… :slight_smile: It’s no ones fault. :wink:

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My personal life is being so stressed. So, I just wanna inform you that I will start it later. If it’s gonna be a Problem then feel free to inform me

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No worries dear :blob_hearts: take care

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Hey, I just wanted to check, is this user/shop still taking requests as I put one in 9 days ago and never heard back?

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