Our Never Ending War


Hey! So my sister, @tif_flames is making an Episode story and it’s called Our Never Ending War… !!! She recently just got up to more than 1,000 reads!!! I was so excited for her and proud, so I decided to help promote her and get her famous!! It’s so good and I am not saying it only because I am her sister. I really enjoy her story and she is doing so great on it. Here is her details:
Here is what her cover looks like:

​Sam the soon to be leader of the most feared gangs The Black Dragons. Will soon be facing her hardest challenge will she be able to lead her gang or will she and her gang fall?​

So, check it out!!! It’s truly a GREAT story!! She will have more episodes coming out so CHECK IT OUT!!
If you do, tell me what you think about her story!!


OMG SISSY!!! YOU DID NOT HAVE TO DO THIS!!! :sob::heartbeat::revolving_hearts:


Well, look at me now, I did it. :heart::heart_decoration::heart_eyes:




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