Our New Forums!


Welcome to our new forums!

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I’ve got to admit, I’m super impressed! I’m completely in love with the new layout and design. So much cleaner and fresh! And easier to navigate too!


Well, this is all new! Just having a browse now, but first impressions are promising!


Super excited!! ^-^ Loving the site already!


I’m so impressed by this new set up, it’s has a fresh feeling!


totally loving this new set up!


I never contributed in the other forum, but I feel obligated to do so in this one. Looks great!


This new set up looks great. Much easier to navigate. Plus, I love the url (notquitefetch) :wink:

A New User's Guide To The Forums!

Loving the fresh and easy-to-navigate look to Forums! It’s so modern and easy on the eyes. Looking forward to more updates and posts here! :blue_heart:


Of course I’m still getting used to, but I really like it! Much smoother and looks more organized.


Great job, Episode! Btw, this url is everything. :joy::star:


The old site was rather confusing so I never contributed, but this is really nice! :slight_smile:


So glad to have a new forum!
It looks great!


I’m totally loving the new setup! Super exciting! :hearts:


I’m super excited for this! :heart_eyes:


The design looks very refreshing!


I am loving this design it looks very modern!


This is certainly new, alright :open_mouth:
But even with all these new improvements, I will still miss the old forums from time to time . As it holds a special place in my heart , even with some of it’s flaws .:hearts:

I do however one of the most positive thing of this situation is that we finally got rid of that stupid 10 char rule