Our New Forums!


Love the new setup!!
Love the fresh organized space.

But is there a way to follow others?


Hi everyone! I was bummed that we were moving but, this is actuallly totally awesome! A big hug to everyone who made it! :two_hearts::two_hearts:


The new forums are so pretty, well organised, and… I CAN ACTUALLY POST!!! Yep, that’s right, I wasn’t allowed to post on the old forums for some reason. I’ll miss the old forums, there are so many helpful posts which I am about to save in a massive Word document on my computer :joy::sob: When will the old forums officially shut down?


Ahhhh, you guys did so well with these forums, I’m impressed. The setup/layout is fresh and easy to navigate and not to forget, also really pretty. This was a good change <3


Aaaah, this is amazing! <3


I love this new style ALREADY! Thank you for making this possible.


The new forum will take a while to get used to and I will miss all the memories from the old forum but the new setup is growing on me. :slight_smile:


Love the new forum setup! Much cleaner and the design is wonderful!


Rip I feel like a baby and I got my favourite teddy I have had for ages taken away and given back a shiny new toy that poops chocolate? Idk, so many mixed emotions!


I am in love with the design!! The whole website looks really nice, and matches episode’s color scheme.


SAME!!! On the old forums I logged in but I could never post, change my profile picture, or start new topics… SOOOOO excited for these new forums! :joy:


I love how the new design is fresh and clean, instead of dark and dreary. Thanks Episode! :smile:


New website layout design is beautiful! Thanks, Episode!


It’s very pretty! I don’t like the new rule restraining new members (as everybody has to create a new account, and we are not really “new”). Usually for report a bug, people will ask you to put pictures, and it sucks that new members are only able to put one as the issue could need multiple for explaining.


I love the new layout - it’s bright, clean and fresh! Also, it works a whole lot faster than the old forums which took forever to load! Happy with the new forums overall - only a few downfalls. :grin:


Thank you for the feedback! Could you give us a little more detail on what you’re unable to do? :blush:


Unless I’m mistaken, you can’t change the colour of font of the writing like you used to be able to. It also stopped me from making a new topic because it said I’d created two already. However I love the new emojis and shortcuts to make the writing bold and italic. :slight_smile:


Oh! That’s great feedback! Thank you!


the new forums are looking very clean and nice, but I have a few concerns:

  • I know a lot of people like how bright the forums are, but I know around the same number think there should be a night mode available for sensitive eyes. how about it? @Trinady
  • it would be very nice if comments did not show up as posts, or if they had the post originally replied to automatically quoted so users know exactly what comments are referring to.
  • I noticed that a couple of sections seem to be unfinished… the general chat guidelines, in particular.
  • building on that, I’m sure many users would like more thorough guidelines and rules. for instance, many people are upset over the 1,000,000 replys thread being shut down, since they were apparently violating rules that the guidelines didn’t seem to cover. I think it would help a lot if we knew exactly what we can and can not post instead of just being told not to spam.
  • might we have a guide to using the new forums? I know a lot of people don’t have the time to poke around and figure things out, and it would be very helpful to users if they were given a guide to what all the shiny new buttons here do.

thanks in advance!


I’ll do my best to address each concern listed!

  • We hear you guys! We’re looking into what it would take to implement it. In meantime, would reducing the brightness on your device work? (I have light sensitivity caused migraines, so I totally understand! I usually keep all my devices at 20% brightness!)

  • Unfortunately, this is a road block we’ve run into. We’ve been working with the developers on this, but it appears that it may just be an unexpected limitation for the replies. We hope there’ll be an update soon! :slight_smile:

  • We’re still in our test phase! We’re working hard to get all the things completed, and perfect before our live launch. :smiley:

  • Currently, we’re leaning on the Community Forum Guidelines (posted in our Welcome! Start Here! category & pinned globally) which state that posts cannot promote or encourage spam messages or allow for unnecessarily large posts. We did explain in our response and in our previous announcement that posts need to relate to a dedicated topic (Episode related, or otherwise), which the 1M Replies thread does not follow. We apologize for the confusion!

  • We do have How-to’s up! You can find a quick How-to here and a formatting how-to here!

I hope this helps clear up any confusion! :heart: