Our New Forums!


I get the “reducing the brightness on your device” thing, but sometimes we multi-task with our tabs. Like having the forums open in one tab and doing something in another and switching. For example, sometimes when I’m watching a show or something on my computer I will switch back and forth to go on another tab (when it freezes or something), and it would be very time-consuming to change your brightness every time you do this. Another example that is more commonly used is when you are waiting for the time limit to make a new post, sometimes we like to switch to another tab to wait, or another example could be changing your music that you are listening to while posting on the forums. I think trying a night mode would be simpler and more helpful to the users.

I hope you understand what I mean! I have no problem with the brightness of this, but some people have more sensitive eyes. I hope you guys try to make a solution to this problem, you guys are amazing with technology considering how many features this forums has, night mode could be another cool feature you could include :slight_smile:


Oh! Totally understandable! :slight_smile: It may take some time to develop, but we are looking into what it would take to get it in and available to members. :heart:


Yay! Thanks for the response! I can’t wait to hear more about this new feature possibly coming out. It’ll help a lot since I’m a big fan of night modes (I use it all the time on Twitter lol, it’s honestly more appealing to the eyes). :slight_smile:


SAME! I couldn’t post or reply to anything either.


I LOVE IT !! It’s so cute, easier to navigate, and I think it matches with the app.


I love the layout of the forums! I can’t wait to test it out.


I’m loving the new page! Well done :blush: the previous one didn’t load for me so I’m new here. I’m so excited to get started!


Are we getting access to the old forums again?
Not gonna lie, that little blue banner at the top with one day’s notice (not even my location’s day) meant I had no idea I’d just be kicked off like that. Especially since I was still using the old forums as a crutch to get used to this new, over-complicated, annoyingly bright (and way too childish in my opinion and personal taste) site.
I still had some posts I needed to save, and I’d just made several detailed posts too.

Do excuse any annoyed undertones you may be reading, I am just holding back the urge to scream at a wall and slam my face into it.


Yes! look out for the update on that. We’re getting it set up. :slight_smile: