Our new skin details?


Hey everyone as we all have seen our new skin details which I think are totally cool?!? We have freckles we have dimension to the face we have FRENCH BRAIDS! Hair that is somehow even more wavy and has layers!!! I can’t wait to have these new things!!! What do you think?



Moved to Episode Fan Community. :wink:


Whoops :grimacing: thanks


Oooohhh feckles! When will that be released for use? :open_mouth:


It’s supposed to be released in a bit. They told us about it 4 days ago.


That’s exciting. I was wanting to put freckles on one of my characters a few days ago, it’s nice to know I’ll be able to modify the look before my story gets released.


Yeah is your story limelight?


Yep! Just started it about a week ago. :grinning:


Great! When it’s released remember to let me know!