Hey guys!! So I’ve recently have been making my own language up and I think this game would be fun!!
How you do it:
First, you turn a sentance from English to YOUR way of saying it… So like I would say
“Kilyo miyo dena”
And the next person will tell us what they think we are saying and we tell them whether they are right or wrong. The person who guess, after they see it, they will turn a sentance to their own language. So like this.
Person 1: Yama Pise Yeruen
Person 2: Does it mean, “I like pizza?”
Person 1 "No, it means, “Episode is a great app.”
Person 2: Okay! Recelent Ricu Pita
Person 3: Does it mean…
And so on!!
Everyone, have fun!!!


Datiyo minod lilokig


Does that mean, “Purple is my favorite color?”


No :joy:
It means: My dog likes me :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Yumo rita erabool.


Does it mean “I hate school”?


Nope, it mean, “We all are cool”


Dartex flibble woolo


Does that mean, I wear a coat?


Basically yeah it means Im wearing a coat



My phrase: Inyo likiana yaga avarganto


does it mean, “I’m very hungry?”


No, it means “I like your avatar”




Does that mean I am tired?


Yup. Just read it out and the answer is there. :wink:


Wo shi ren.


Does that mean Yoshi ran? :thinking:


If this is the language then it means
I’m a person?


Yes lol.