Woah way him

Yemek soğuk

I like you :wink:

Just as Nostradamus predicted!

Does that mean this game is cool? :thinking:

Just as Nostradamus predicted!

R u dared to post this?
“Just as Nostradamus predicted!”

I know the answer now.

mi color favorito es el azul

Your favorite color is I don’t know.

Blue :upside_down_face:

Verbeuge dich vor mir, Sklaven.

Uhh does that mean You have a great name

Kaon na ta mga abnormal

Something is abnormal… :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Nope its actually Lets eat now crazy ppl


Wat is that japanese?

You love episode i think idk

Mi etah ym siteras

It’s not Japanese and I don’t know the name in this language for Episode and it means "Oh… "or something like that

Does it mean “I like my stories?”

vazoooo akuji tuna stulakihddhndhl feeellooooowwwwsssssss

I like tuna sandwiches and friends?

no. @ReeseTheReallyGrumpy it means vases are a great place to store flowers