Our Planet is dying! We need to take action!

The Earth is dying, and we need to help now! If everyone that lives on Earth now doesn’t do anything, then what will we leave to our future generations? Does everyone on this planet want our future generations to live on a planet that’s filled with garbage and carbon dioxide? Our future descendants will only have a dead if not dying planet to live on if we don’t act now! They’ll all live on a planet with no sea life, because they all died from choking on, eating, or being tangled in plastic! All the air in the atmosphere will be filled with carbon dioxide if we don’t start using more eco- friendly things like paper and glass instead of plastic. One thing that I know will help at least a little is switching your search engine from Google to Ecosia. Every search made by Ecosia users plants a tree where it’s needed most in the world!

Plus, it’s servers use 100% renewable energy, and every search request removes 1kg of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere! There are some plus sides for you tooimage image
This post was not just to promote Ecosia, but to encourage people to take a step to save our planet! Please make Ecosia your automatic search engine, we need to save our planet now or everyone in the future will live on a dying planet! If we don’t at least start saving our planet now then it will die much quicker, rendering all future animals and people without a place to live. If that actually does happen, you can kiss all life in the universe (if aliens don’t exist, which they probably don’t) goodbye! All life in the universe will be gone! There will be no purpose in the universe existing if that happens. So please, use Ecosia, try to cut back on plastic, use your car as little as possible, and make sure to reduce, reuse, and recycle!


Many people have said this before, people only care about themselves, yes some will help, but not all.


I’m just trying to share this with as many people as I can.

The message of this post is great, but I’m worried it might get taken down because it’s promoting another company (ecosia) which is against the forum rules ):


I think the promotion of other company rule is meant for competitive companies and non-charitable companies.

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