Our profile picture isn’t showing up


My sister and I made a simple profile picture for the forums but it isn’t showing up! I don’t know if you can see it but from our part it looks like this
And this was what our picture should’ve looked liked

If you can help us please do!!!


Yes it looks like first one🤔
Wanna tell which step you followed while putting your profile pic🙃


I went to preferences, then the top which was account, then that I pressed the little edit icon by the profile picture, then uploaded the profile. It said it uploaded but it has the person there…


Ah-ha?did you do these?
Custom pictures and then save changes




Was there a green or blue dot on constum pictures


What do you mean?


That black dot?


Oh I don’t know let me try it real quick!




It’s till not working :disappointed:

And i did press save changes.


At down where my pp is can you see yours at that position :thinking:




Click on save button at bottom then


That’s what we did.


Both Save changes?


Yes, I’m using a default for a minute then I will try again


:thinking:that might work


It still isn’t working…


The black dot is on custom? You pushed save changes? Your pp is visible at that position? You clicked on save again?