Our Story: Fictional Character Edition

Fictional characters edition!

Let’s see how this goes. We’re going to write a story, together. Write a few sentences or a paragraph (but don’t forget to read everything first) to add onto the story. Please, don’t write anything that includes or implies gay or lesbian characters, gunpoint, etc. After 10 posts on the same story, somebody will start a new story, because these stories are just supposed to be inspiration. Alrighty, let’s go.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers

Devon Daniels, now 23, and Blaze, 25, are now best friends and roommates and bought an apartment together. Newly engaged couple Zoey Reeves, 18, and Nate Silva, 19, are planning their wedding. Ravi Shaw and Roxy are both 20, gotten married, bought their first house, and Roxy is currently 22 weeks pregnant with their first daughter.

On a cold , foggy November two best friends Pulled up to an ancient apartment complex. One of them , Named Devon Daniels opened the Car door and carefully tread to towards the front door. He turned to beckon his passenger Blaze, out of the car and onto the icy pavement of the parking lot. He proceeded to flip him off with a cracked iPhone in one hand , and a half-lit joint in the other. Devon Groaned and grumbled, Blaze had been his best friend since kindergarten , but he had his moments.

“Do I have to carry you?” Devon said half-annoyed , half-jokingly.

"I’m not going anywhere near that place, it looks like some saw Sh*t " said Blaze.

Devon Chuckled. He wasn’t wrong. If the lights above the door hadn’t been on (and found the listing online) , he would’ve thought the place was abandoned.

“What happened to ‘getting a new start’, Blaze?”

“What happened to the money your dad gave us?”

Devon fell silent.

“Silence, huh? Shall I mark the date on my calendar? 'The Day I Made Devon Shut His Damn Mouth.” he taunted.

No response.

“Alright, dude. At least unlock the door so we can get murdered inside the apartment instead of on the street.”

Devon turns his key in the lock and pulls on the door, using the box he was carrying as a door stop he props the glass security door open so they can start bringing the rest of the boxes in from the car.
After a few trips they have added a few boxes into their apartment. They set about picking who gets what room, and begin unpacking.

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Meanwhile, Devon and Blaze’s friend, Ravi Shaw, and his wife Roxy are having a date night at home. They are talking about their daughter, Reina Kalyana’s, upcoming first birthday.

“I cannot believe it! Our little Reina is already almost a year old!” Ravi told Roxy. “I still remember when she was born.”

Before Reina was born, they were just buying their house four months into their marriage. There was no furniture yet, so they decided to have a romantic evening on the floor. Nine months later, Ravi delivered baby Reina during a difficult natural birth.

Roxy said, “I already have Reina’s first birthday party planned out.”

“You thought of everything, haven’t you?” He sighed happily. His eyes drift toward little Reina , playing with a plush dog given by her late grandmother. She sang cheery nonsense , and all seemed right with the world. Roxy took a sip of her red wine , lost in thought. Seeing the worried look on her face he gave her a tender kiss on her cheek to calm her nerves, like the old days. She smiled but he knew it was fake, she hated to see him worry but all of her worries and fears buzzed in her head.

Meanwhile, another couple friends of Devon, Blaze, Ravi, and Roxy’s, Nate Alexander Silva and Zoey Samantha Reeves-Silva, settled into their new house as well, as they just gotten married a year ago. Zoey is six months pregnant with their first baby. Nate is working on the baby’s nursery.

“I was very excited Ravi and Roxy had their first baby, and she is about to turn a year old.” Said Zoey. “Now we are having a baby of our own!”

Nate replied, “I know! I could be the best dad I’ll ever be.”

Just then, Nate looked over at Zoey, who had a huge grin on her face. Zoey said, “Oh my goodness, the baby’s kicking! Come feel it!”