Out my story please read and help spread the news about my story

My story will be coming soon please go follow my Instagram@elajah.episode for updates and more measage me with any questions you have

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I will follow your IG!

Thank you :joy::raised_hands:

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Hello, would you be interested in doing a read for read?

My story name is: Filling A Void.

I’ll message you on instagram with screenshots when I am done reading yours.

thank you and sorry story isn’t out yet I will let you know when tis out

Hey! I’ll be sure to stop by your story! It would be great if you could read mine too, its called “A Real-Life Fantasy”, here’s a description; High school, that means drama, and of course, boys. But when Madison gets caught up in some life-changing drama, and a twist of events, high school just got a lot harder.

I’ll read yours if you read mines or review for reveiw.
Genre: Gay/Romance
Style: INK
Summary: Justin is secretly gay but when the hot new guy from Cali comes along can he keep his secret and hide his feelings for the new guy who’s straight maybe.