Out of Curiosity... If/Elif/Else


Is it possible to have an OR statement between flags? As in, if (flag) OR (flag)? I tried this but it gave me error messages and forced me to separate the flags even though I wanted the same dialogue for both. Is it possible to put them on the same line and if so how can I fix it?


You would just do this

if (flag1) {

[dialogue for both flag1 and flag2]

} elif (flag2) {

[dialogue for both flag1 and flag2]

} else {


I think she meant that first case happens if you have flag1 or flag2.


I understand that, you would have to do the above. There is no “if (flag1 OR flag2)” so you would have to put the same dialogue in for each flag.


Or you can basically do:

if (flag3) {

} else {
[dialogue for either flag1 and flag2]