Out Of Your League - help promoting? Feeling highly discouraged

Hey guys.

I am here to promote my new story! Unfortunately I will not be doing read for reads as I’ve honestly read so many of your stories and not many people seem to be returning them.

Everyone read one chapter and it’s kinda annoying because I want to know where I’m going wrong, why do people only read one chapter and not the rest of my story? Any feedback would be great to be honest, I’m feeling so discouraged, especially after spending almost a year on these chapters and only recently publishing them.

If anyone is interested in reading my story, or has any idea where I’m going wrong - please let me know, i would honestly really appreciate it.


I’ll give you a thorough review if you’d like? Please start a PM chat so I can send it to you :slight_smile: no need to read mine in return.

Hi there! I’ll review your story as well if you’re interested! Sounds super interesting! :grin::sparkling_heart:

Hi there! I simply couldn’t wait for you to respond, your story just seemed too interesting. I had to start it right away! So, before I continue you should know that I took notes as I was reading your story, to ensure that my review was thorough. But I don’t remember what a lot of them mean, so I will say that a lot! :joy: Side note, I am not at all in anyway, shape, or form good enough to give a really good review. But I’ve read a lot of reviews, read a lot of stories, and given a lot of reviews to kinda know what readers are looking for. I hope you know that this review is all just my opinion, and don’t take it too harshly! :grin:

Episode 1:

  • I really loved the intro, with Ivy and the therapist. It gives a good look into the character and her backstory. Without giving too much away and giving the audience some suspense. I also believe that you did a great job on the narration. Some writers over do narration but I think you did a great job! Also, some readers do not like narration in stories, but I do, so with that being said I did enjoy it a lot.

  • The second scene was great and very well directed. (Now that I’m thinking back on it, wasn’t that Enzo in the background on the phone…? If that’s foreshadowing, I like it a lot!!:grin:) The only thing I would say about the flashback is that you should use a filter. Something to let the reader know that what they are watching is a flashback. (Instead of using the “readerMessage” So I would suggest using a filter. in my opinion the reader message takes away from the story.

  • Before the flashback scene (the one when the girls meet Margot), Margot is like 9 feet taller than the rest of the girls. Then after the party scene she is their height. And when Margot is in the room with Ivey she is 9 feet tall again. Just something to look out for when directing.

  • In the scene when the girls have first gotten to the club all 3 of them are different heights than they were in the scene at their flat. I’m not sure if this is intentional, but when you’re directing be sure to look out for height differences in different scenes so that it’s not inconsistent.

  • Okay, so this is something I see a lot with stories. Making your characters idle after they finish a line. Sometimes in your scenes, your character will say something, and then after they’ve finished talking they are just standing there with some wacky expression on their face because their talking animation is done.:rofl: So perhaps after a character has finished talking you could add a &IVY is idle_armscrossed_neutral_loop or something like that just so that the character is still animated even though they’re not talking and another character is.

  • Kinda irrelevant, but Austin is hawtttttttt asf!! Literally he came into frame and I was like “Oh, okay, teaaaaaa!” :joy::heart_eyes:

  • Also, kinda irrelevant, but I noticed that one of the characters display name is “Thuglyf” that was really funny.

  • Okay, so, you did a good job on background characters (I have another note about them coming up I’m sure :joy:) But the height thing is still something I wanted to bring up. But I’m terrible at explaining things so check out this post by @Dara.Amarie because she’s better than me at literally everything. :joy:

  • Your grammar is great! I wasn’t looking for grammatical issues per say, but I didn’t notice any spelling errors. Also, your use of punctuation was great as well! This is really important because some readers really focus on grammatical things. I don’t necessarily but some do, so be sure you keep up this good grammar that you have going on for future episodes!

  • Episode 1 was really good! It was a great way to open up the story and I really enjoyed it! I genuinely made me want to keep reading!

Episode 2:

  • I literally just typed “idle.” I don’t remember what I meant… Probably something about making your characters idle after a line. :laughing:

  • I found my note about background character again! Haha! The use of background characters in the club was very nice. I loved it.

  • Your story would be so good if you added music to it! I’m not insulting you or anything because when I released my story I didn’t add music to it, and then I was told it would be better with music. Honestly, you have no idea how many people read these with music on. It’s astounding the amount of times I’ve been told to “aDd MuSiC” :joy:

  • Your story is actually really funny! I loved the comedic aspect in the story. It’s a romance, but the fact it’s not solely romance or solely comedy but a little bit of both is really nice to me. I’m slightly biased because I did the same thing in my story, but still! It’s very funny.

  • So when directing, you should use the device helper. It helps show you what will be off screen on certain devices. I’m on an iPhone so I saw everything just fine, but there was an instance when a speech bubble was out of frame. Also, the camera was very zoomed in so that Margot’s head was at the top of the screen. Tablet readers would only be able to see her neck and below. So just make sure you look for those things when writing.

  • The morning after scene was hilarious, and the directing in this scene!!! It was very well directed! I liked the spotting a lot!

  • Brodie is a cutie as well, I’m excited for this love triangle! :heart_eyes:

  • Episode 2 was a very great way to follow up episode 1! Really made me want to know what was going to happen next!

Episode 3:

  • I hadn’t just noticed the small cover and large cover before I started episode 3, and I don’t know why! They both are so beautiful! Who did them!! They did amazing!!!

  • Is the Liam in the university with them the same Liam from Alessia’s flashback?? I love that!!:joy:

  • I wrote down “height difference in hallway @ school” I don’t remember what that means anymore! :joy: It was probably fine, and I’m just dumb!

  • I loved the way that you introduced Riley into the story! It was very unique!

  • Episode 3 was very interesting! I loved it all! I especially loved the stuff that happened at school! I need much more!!!


I really enjoyed your story! I am personally a big fan of suspense, and not being revealed all info in the beginning. So not letting us know what the MC’s inner conflict is, is very good! Also, not telling us how Riley impacts the story right away is good too! I love the characters and I am a big fan of the minor plots as well! I think you did a great job on the directing, and I also think that the dialogue and the plot are superb! I personally loved your story and will continue reading when you decide to update! I believe there are a few reasons as to why you may not be getting reads:

  1. You just recently published your story. It takes time for people to start to notice it. I just recently published my story as well. The read count is decent, but it takes time. Also, don’t solely focus on the amount of reads. As long as you enjoy what your publishing then other people will be able to see that and want to keep reading! Because they can tell that you’re enjoying what you’re doing

  2. Your story is a romantic story. There are 10’s of thousands of people posting romance stories on Episode. You have to understand that it will take a minute to get your story out there because almost every story on this platform is in the romance genre. Although, it’s hard to get your feet out the door in this genre, it is not impossible.

  3. Just keep promoting! In my experience read for reads have helped. Sometimes, when you do a read for read someone likes your story so much that they decide to recommend it to others! Promotion is the best way to rack up reads if that’s what you really want.

Honestly, sometimes people aren’t going to like your story so they will stop reading. It’s the truth and it hurts, I know. But you have to accept that. But, you will always come across people who will love your story! (Like me!) I guess what I’m trying to say is, it’s a gamble. Just keep promoting and working to make your story better in your own opinion!

I hope this helped you at all! I want you to know that I am not trying to bring you down or be mean in anyway! I just wanted to give you some feedback on your story! I personally loved it and will definitely continue to read! :grin:

Also, if you could, I would love it if you could check out my story as well! And if you enjoy it please let me know. I would love to hear your feedback! :kissing_heart:

Title: Mystery on Hanging Hill Lane
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Thank you so so much! It’s not harsh at all, this is the kind of feedback I’ve been needing! I haven’t used sound because i personally hate it, and couldn’t think of anything worse than reading a story with sound on, i think it’s way too distracting, but i understand other people may like it. Thank you ao much for this

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Of course! I understand the position you’re in completely! I just hope my comments helped you at all! :grin:

Title: My Sunflower

Author: Holly Faith
Genre: Romance
Description: After a traumatising past, April moves to L.A for a fresh start. But what happens when she catches the eyes of the gorgeous twins, Isaac and Noah?!
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5787730465325056
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