Outfit and Character Generator (LL Only)

Outfit Generator -
If you want an outfit or multiple outfits made, let me know the amount of outfits, gender of the character(s) the outfit(s) is(are) being made for, and the specific style you want for the outfit(s). Also, feel free to let me know if you have any specific additions to the outfit such as (but not excluded to) piercings, freckles, glasses, beauty marks, tattoos, etc.

Character Generator -
For the character(s) tell me a name (if you have one), their race, their gender, and feel free to include any specifics for the character such as eye color, hair color, hair style, etc. Also, let me know if you need me to create a default outfit(s) for the character(s)

Just comment if you want either and I will message you if that makes it easier!

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amount of outfits: 7
gender of the character(s): Female & Male
outfit(s) are being made for: a casual girl who’s shy but can be a party girl. The male is a guy who owns a multi billion company.

Charater Generator -
Gender - Both male and female
I need background characters for a cafe make them any outfit (nothing tooooo fancy just normal casual outfits for a cafe)
i need like 5 or 6 characters

tysm :sparkling_heart:

Hi! I want quite a few characters like maybe 5? I hope that’s not too much trouble!


  1. Girl, Pale pink hair, tan skin, brown eyes, she looks Persian no outfits pls!
  2. Girl, Pale skin, dark hair, freckles, brown eyes she looks British
  3. Male, dark skin, buzz cut, shaved beard, green eyes, he’s African American
  4. Male, tan skin, messy hair, bright blue eyes, American
  5. Girl, beautiful, blonde hair, red lipstick, light or dark blue eyes, Swedish

Name: Poppy

Gender: Female

Face shape: “Heart Soft”
Eyebrows: “Arched Thin High”
Eyebrow Color: “Green Mint”
Eyes: “Round Downturned Wide”
Eye color: “Red”
Nose: “Round Broad”
Mouth: “Small Heart”
Lip color: “Fair Gold Matte”
Skin Tone: “Ash 10”
Hair: “Blunt Bangs Short”
Hair Color: “Purple”