Outfit and Character Help

I’m trying to create a story and I’ve been working on for a while today, so I’m getting bored with it, but I love to create characters and outfits. Comment if you want me to create a character or outfit for you. If you want an outfit, give me a color scheme and/or style, and any preferences for any additional stuff (such as a tattoo, piercing, or accessory), please. If you would like a character, give me a race for the character and any preferences for her traits, please. Also, don’t be shy, you can ask for a character and an outfit, and you can ask for however many you want, whether it be 1 or 10 :heart:



Hey I would love if you could make some characters for me with outfits

Okay! Just need to know your preferences. Ink or Limelight?


Hey would you please make me a school uniform for my students to wear ink both boy and girl :slight_smile:

3 out of 5 girls with “bitchy” outfits too please

Okay. How many characters? And what are your preferences for their style?

The best way to do this is give me their names and a quick description of their character and a style and/or color scheme :blush:

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Of course! I’ll do that right now :blush:


Thanks :slight_smile:

1: The nerdy girl Amelia
2: The “dog” Bella
3: The second “dog” Lola
4: The “bitch” of the school Raven
5: The fan girl always dressed in purple Violet

1: The player David
2: The geek Augustin
3: The principal of the school
4: Gay BFF Edouard
5: Funny guy Mateo
6: Coffee shop guy

Here are your uniforms :blush: I think the best idea would be to use this as a template and make each of the main characters their own version with accessories and jackets to match each of the characters personalities.


Awesome, thanks! This might take awhile, I’ll get it done as so as possible though! Which characters do you prefer to be the most attractive?


Thank you so much :blush:

No problem! Good luck with your story!

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I don’t really care

Girl what is this lol
Its amazing
Is your story published?

haha no I’m writing lots of stories at the same time so I never release them but I’m on holidays soooo I think I’m going to release my first one soon

Oh ight

My user name in Episode is : Shadow The Psycho
can you follow me???:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::joy::joy::joy:

Take your time