Outfit and Points overlay shop [OPEN]

I’ve seen a lot of tappable dressing games where you tap on the actual outfit overlay.
So I thought why not help some authors out who don’t have time or software to group the different outfits together.

I’ll do both LL and Ink.
I’ll also make a custom check button, just leave an image or detail for that too.
Leave outfit details in replies or I can make them if you give context.

Also tiny details like necklaces, earings etc aren’t usually included as you may know, but I’ll still try and you choose which you prefer
Do as many as you like of course.
If you would like a script template go to @epy.elegance card on instagram.

I can also make points icon, when you’re indicating what points the reader had received.

I am allowed to reject requests if they seem too inappropriate or out of my creative ability.
Also keep in mind that I may not be in the same country as you, so if you catch me at the right time your request may be done quicker.
I also ask that you leave the name of your story so I can see if you give credit.
When I’m done with your request you must claim it, so you must let me know that you’ve saved the overlay. If not the overlay will be part of a recycle bin thread where it can be claimed by anyone.
If you want to use an overlay that has been made already in this thread (ideally an outfit overlay, but point overlays too) you must ask me and the original owner of the overlay, if they say no then it is a no.

My IG is @jada_writes please give credit.

If you don’t credit me I’ll remind you to in case you simply forget (those things can happen) however, if you still decide not to credit me you will be reported and I will call you out…

Password as of 5/7/20: Apple Pies Please add this to your request so i know you’ve read my conditions.

Outfit Example

Outfit Overlay waiting list:

Points overlay waiting list:

Conditions may be updated
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omg thx so much!

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Thnx for this shop…
Nd I’d like an outfit
Preferred Color : Black
Theme : Badass
Character age : 23

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Is this ok?

I added the red top so everything doesn’t clash

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:blob_hearts: you’re welcome

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This is perfect

Cool I’ll send you the overlay, the overlay isnt a full thing btw, the reader will get the full outfit when they tap on the overlay.

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Ok :grinning:

Would you like me to do more outfits for you, so readers have an option?


Silver's OL

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Yes pls

Cool I’ll make another 2 outfits

Outfit 2

Outfit 3

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Love them

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hey! just so you know, you don’t have to manually make them into pngs. if you save them from the clothing section in the catalog, they automatically have transparent backgrounds :relaxed:

omg yes, I used to do it like that before, I was thinking why does this looks so patchy?
Thank you!

@Apart_12345 I’ll redo the last two

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no problem! great job, though! :yellow_heart:

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@Apart_12345 redo!



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Thankyou @Jada15 :star_struck:

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