OUTFIT: Arm, leg and waist tattoos for plus-size females

(i’m not sure if this is in the right category or this thread has been done before, but here we go if this flops, u never saw it : ))
hi :blob_hearts:
so i was lookign through tattoos for plus sized females, and i saw that arm, leg and waist tattoos weren’t there! but for the generic female section, there were pretty much all tattoos.
here’s some of the tattoos that i think shld be added to the plus sized female’s tattoo choices:-

sorry if i’ve added some that’s already there :sweat_smile:
i hope some people agree to this :blob_hearts:


Support :sparkling_heart:

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support, I need this

Closing this since it’s in the wrong category. I would recommend reviewing both the Feature + Art Suggestions and Forum Tutorial.