Outfit change help?

I want to have my character in a flashback scene wearing a different outfit, already sitting down. When I make him change he stands up first then sits I don’t know why or how to change it I don’t want him to walk up just already be sitting in his new outfit but he keeps standing up, anyone know what I can do ?

Can you attack a picture of a your script here

You should definitely be able to do this.
I second @ft.baka - please add your code, so we can help you out

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If you want to change the outfit of your character just add

@CHARACTER changes into (Outfit)

You’ll have to add it before the character is in the scene,

For example,
if my character’s name is Khushi


@KHUSHI changes into Sleeping Beauty

@KHUSHI enters from left to screen right AND KHUSHI faces left AND KHUSHI is (walk_neutral)

KHUSHI (talk_neutral_loop)
Let’s get ready for work

You can either give a mini dressing game for players to choose their own outfit or you can decide it on your own

@KHUSHI changes into work_outfit

Here Sleeping Beauty and work_outfit are the names of my outfits. You’ll have to put the names of you outfits that you created.

I hope this helps you. :sparkling_heart::blob_hearts:
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What I do is change the character’s outfit before the actual scene, like this:

@transition fade out white 0.5
@CHARACTER changes into flashback_outfit
&CHARACTER spot 1.234 123 123 AND CHARACTER faces right AND CHARACTER is sit
@transition fade in white 0.5