Outfit change script error



Read line 1114


you need to put “goto” not “goin”


oh my god im so sorry. I should go to sleep because its midnight for me and Im litteraly falling asleep so thanks for all the help


Also, replace the word “Outfit” with your outfit’s name.


thanks :slight_smile: Im really tired falling asleep at midnight so you know my brain is not even functioning…


Of course i will thanks a lot


random question, but how did you make your tabs look sparkly like that?


What do you mean by sparkly?


it looks like your tabs have sparkle on them


I dont know i didn´t do anything special


oh okay


OOOH i know what you mean now.




Hold on a second ill go find the ling for that


Im sorry im literaly falling asleep here and i was like what tabs???


hahaha its fine


there you go this is mine by the way:


theres a lot to choose from so dont worry to go deep down because i found mine really deep down


whats wrong again? i dont understand whats wrong cause i didn delete anything or edit it somehow