Hey,I want to add outfit choice to my story but I have no idea how?
My character is called ROSE :slight_smile:

Hi again.

Just changing the outfit’s pretty simple, just use the changes into command

@CHARACTER changes into outfit name

If you want the reader to chose the outfit or be able to reference back to it later, it’s a bit more complicated, and you’ll have to use a reference system.

Dara’s how to remember choices


If you want to make a minigame where you can choose between different outfits, just tell me.
Because I’m too lazy to write it here just now, lol

Yes,I want readers to choose


I something doesn’t work tell me.


If you need it very quickly, I suggest that you go to the right hand side of the script writing that says “script templates” click that, scroll down, and you’ll see “choice-outfit” choose that and fill in your information.

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