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This question has been asked before, but I’m honestly super confused on remembering the outfit choices in different scenes? I’m new and want to include this in my story, but my dumb brain just can’t wrap my head around it.

Can someone help me out please?

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Check these out:


These are super helpful - thank you so much! I’m still struggling with how to put them in my script though. Hopefully I’ll figure it out eventually… My brain must be missing something :confused:

For the templates, you just copy and paste the code into your script and replace the character names, outfit names, animations, and dialogue with whatever you want. When you want to remember the choice, use the if/elif/else I provided along with the template and change the choice name and option names (or flag name) in the if/elif to whatever you put. If you read the “Remember a Choice” Guide, you’ll see that there are 2 different ways to remember choices. The “Simple Dressing Game” uses the choice name method and the “Dressing Game with Flags” uses the gains/flags method.

So let’s say I used the simple dressing game template, the start of the choice looks like this:

choice (OUTFIT_1)
"Outfit 1" {
} "Outfit 2" {
} "Outfit 3" {

I’m gonna change the choice name (which is currently OUTFIT_1) to “DRESS” and my first outfit option will be “Floral Dress”, my second “Blue Button Up” and my third will be “Pink Skirt”. This is how I would change the choice name and option names in the template

choice (DRESS)
“Floral Dress” {
} “Blue Button Up” {
} “Pink Skirt” {

Then to remember which outfit was chosen, copy and paste the if/elif/else from where you got the template, and change the choice name and the option names to match what you put in the template

if (DRESS is “Floral Dress”) {
} elif (DRESS is “Blue Button Up”) {
} else {
#this is where the third outfit goes


Awesome! Think I’m beginning to understand now. With that code to remember the outfit, does that go at the beginning of every scene I’m wearing it or does it just need to be pasted in once?

Your character will stay in the outfit they chose through out your whole story through all episodes until you change them into something else. The “if/elif/else” is used when you want that specific choice remembered. For example, in the next scene you want someone to compliment the outfit, you would use the if/elif/else to have them say something specific about whichever outfit was chosen. Another example would be in the next 3 episodes, you want to have a flashback of that scene with the outfit that was chosen, you would use the if/elif/else to make your character change into the chosen outfit for that flashback scene.

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This is perfect! You’ve helped me out so much. Thank you so so much for your patience and explanations :pray:

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No problem, you’re very welcome! :smile:


Hey Dara!
I’ve some issues here, can you help me? :sweat_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you in advance! :heart:

You’re missing parentheses ) at the ends before the curly brackets on lines 12 and 15

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I now have got this:


In my previous Episode I have standing at the outfit choice:

choice (OUTFIT_1)

Delete that first bracket on line 11. That shouldn’t be there

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Now, I’ve got this :sweat_smile::

What are you trying to do? Are you trying to have a dressing game or are you trying to remember an outfit from the previous episode? If you’re just trying to remember an outfit, all you need is just the if/elif/else. Also, if you didn’t change outfits from the previous episode, your character will still be wearing the same outfit they chose, you don’t need to use the if/elif/else as they will still be in the same outfit they were wearing in the previous episode. The web previewer just doesn’t remember things from other episodes.

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I’m trying to remember an outfit from the prevouis Episode.
I also don’t know what that character is wearing if I want to preview my story

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