Outfit Choice + Scene Change

So I haven’t really thought of this since I’ve always just put the outfits I want my characters to wear at the start of each scene but do I need to do that?

What I mean is at the starts of each scene I do:
@CHARACTER changes into CHARACTER_casual

but if I don’t do that will they still be wearing what they wore last scene or will it go back tot he character default?

I’m also adding more outfit choices into my story but do I need to do anything at the start of each scene to make sure they’er in the outfit they chose?

I’m so sorry if this is confusing, I’m not the best at explaining.

As a reader or when you preview it on your phone, the characters will be wearing what they have previously, but if you test it on the portal, it will be of their default clothing.

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Ahh thankyou! I was getting a bit confused with it.

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