Outfit choice using tappable overlays

So I found a template to use for outfit choice but I don’t know how to return the outfit to change into the next outfit, I have the outfit overlays on one of those dress mannequins, dressmakers have. Can someone help me out with the coding for returning the clothes overlay back to the mannequin within the coding for the outfit choice template.

Hi I am not sure if I understand what exactly you need. can you give here the script?

I think I worked out what the issue was, I thought that when you change scenes you would need to have the reader remember their choice they made in the prior scene but I think that is for the next episode not scene.

@Sydney_H or @Jeremy please close this post.

If you mean for examople changing the clotech it will remember it for ever and the character will stay in this clothes even in next episodes till you make him change again.

But problem is preview doest show this in preview new episode doestn remember previouse choices but in the app it does…

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After reviewing the post by @Farah_DeSantis, can you please confirm if your problem has been solved. Thanks @Katie36 :smiley:

Sorry I forgot. Yes it has

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Nice, thanks @Katie36 :smiley: Closed :lock: