Outfit choices/gem choices


I’ve posted a lot for help haha.

I’m so confused. I’ve looked on the nternet ect and any guides have confused me. I have a clothing choice in my script and when I play it through again my character still has the outfit on…

Does that affect the reader or does it stay the same as before for them?

Also , for my gem choice, it has come up for 11 diamonds and I want it lower, is that possible?

I just remembered, I have a outfit choice as I said but I want the reader to be able to try one on then have the choice of being able to look at the other choices (for clothing) again. How do I script that??

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Here is a link to a simple dressing game script. I used it in my story. I hope this helps :slight_smile: As for the gem amount I’m not sure.

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Gem amounts are based on how popular your story is, so you probably can’t change that.

Thanks! I figured most of it out apart from remembering the choices haha.

Its ok the choice link is helpful :relaxed:

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Oh, okay! Thnks for the help :blush: