I have a question… :yay:

Remember how in Episode’s Original stories, players get to keep the outfits they purchase with gems?

And they can access a menu to pick whcih outfit to change to at any time in the story (from their closet).

Is it possible to program something similar inside of a user story?

If anyone knows, please reply to this!

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not sure but tag me if you find out

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I don’t think so but I could be wrong :woman_shrugging:


You’d use gains for the outfits, and the point system to keep tabs on where the reader was in the story.

This is a very basic outfit choice option to show how it works, OUTFIT_1 etc are the gains you use for your outfits.

label closet
@speechbubble is 165 295 to 100% with tail_top_left

    Outfit change time!
choice [shouldPaginate: YES]
"PJ" if (OUTFIT_1){
@YOU changes into YOU_pj
"Professional" if (OUTFIT_2){
@YOU changes into YOU_professional
"Nightmare" if (OUTFIT_3){
@YOU changes into YOU_nightmare
"Fake 0" if (OUTFIT_4){
@YOU changes into YOU_fake0
"Fake 1" if (OUTFIT_5){
@YOU changes into YOU_fake1
"Fake 2" if (OUTFIT_6){
@YOU changes into YOU_fake2
"Home" if (OUTFIT_7){
@YOU changes into YOU_home
"Default" if (OUTFIT_8){
@YOU changes into YOU_default

    Are you sure?
"Yes, this is perfect."{
goto exit_closet
"No, I'd like to pick something else."{
goto closet

This part returns the reader to the correct part in the story. I’ve only put in three but you can put in as many as you want.

label exit_closet
if (CLOSET = 1){
goto closet_1
elif (CLOSET = 2){
goto closet_2
elif (CLOSET = 3){
goto closet_3

And these three lines are what you put in your story every time you want to access the closet.

goto closet
label closet_1

Remembering to up the number by one every time you add it to your story (and making sure there is a corresponding elif in the exit_closet section).

goto closet
label closet_2

OMG!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You’re a legend :blob_hearts: :yay:

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