Outfit Creator Available

If anyone wants help designing outfits, I would love to do that! Just shoot me a message with the theme and I’ll make an example outfit for you. If you like it, I’ll happily make more for your entire story! Let me know if you’re interested. I will limit it to 5 stories at first so sign up below. Just quote with your username and the outfit theme you want for your example. For instance:

  1. charisma-first date

I’ll reply back with an outfit and you can make a decision. I will update whenever there is a slot open.

Also, I proofread! So if you want a proofreader, you know where to look!

One more thing, I am only designing the outfit and the character will be the basic one.

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Do you make outfit in ink?!
I need someone to design outfit throughout half of my story, because it’s already published 9 chapters.

Sure I can! What’s the story and outfit theme?