Outfit Creator (LIMELIGHT & INK) **OPEN**


Hello there!

Do you need anyone to create an outfit for you? I’m perfect for that! Just fill out the form to request and i’ll create the outfit!

Basic/Casual Female Outfits

Matching Female Outfits

Coming soon: MALE OUTFITS!


Of course, the rules :neutral_face:

  1. You don’t have to credit me every episode, but you can at least say, at some part:
    Outfits created by @FreakyEvilMargs on forums.
  2. No negativity and no drama.
  3. No advertising.
  4. Request the same thing only here. No requesting the same thing on other threads.
  5. Have fun requesting!
  6. Don’t steal outfits :exploding_head:
Request Form


Character Name:
Character Gender:
Character Personality:
Character Hobbies:
Character’s Hated Colors:
Character’s Favorite Colors:
What the outfit is (ie. Pajamas, Casual, etc.):
Anything else? (optional):

Thank you!

I have terrible taste in outfits... anyone wanna help? owo

Character Name : Kysley
Character Gender : Chick
Character Personality : Doesn’t have one since the readers choose her personality
Character Hobbies : N/A
Character’s Hated Colors : N/A… personally I don’t like pink though
Character’s Favorite Colors : Anything that’s not too straining on the eyes
What the outfit is (ie. Pajamas, Casual, etc.) : Casual