Outfit creator needed (LIMELIGHT)

Hey! I’m looking for someone who can put together well-organized outfits that stand out from the rest o the crowd.
I will need help throughout my entire story, and if you are willing my other stories as well

If you can help me, that will be really grateful!
Feel free to message me my Instagram is episode.priceless

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boys or girls?

Both if possible

I can do outfits for both

so let me see if I got this right ( english isn’t my first language so sorry for this question) you want clothes that look like this ( not short party clothes or what so ever just something casual like) if that is the case I can help you. I’m might have a different time zone (I’m from the netherlands) and I still have school. But I can still try to help you out and yes I can do both :relaxed:


I have a forum topic on this if you want to check it out
[Clothing Deisgns For Your Characters!]

I can work with you with your outfits with your current stories and other stories in the future if you’d like. I love designing clothes.

@BerryGoodGem554 @Minoesje I’m kinda looking for someone who can make 5-6 outfits for each character. I know that can be a be a bit time consuming so if you are up for it pm me

I have send you a pm on insta :relaxed::relaxed:

Could I get message you here?
I’m up for the task though.
And when I say here, I mean on Episode not on this thread.