Outfit Creator Wanted!

I’m looking for an outfit creator for my Limelight story! I absolutely love making outfits, don’t get me wrong. It’s very time consuming though trying to write the script and create outfits. I’ll need you for my whole story, so be prepared to work with me a lot. If you’re a dedicated creator I’ll likely want to keep you for all my stories! Credit will be given after every episode! If you’re interested you can find me on instagram @episode.baby.


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I’m interested, but I don’t have instagram, Is that okay or is it a deal-breaker?

that wouldn’t be an issue at all! would you mind working with someone though? I have another person who is interested but I would love to have two creative eyes designing my outfits!

I’d be interested in making outfits. I also have a thread

Mal’s Quick Clothing Thread

Anyway I hope I can help. :blush:

I don’t mind at all!

I would love to help as well, if you still need it :))
I don’t have instagram, but i do consider myself pretty good at putting together outfits.

I would LOVE to be an outfit creator for you!! I’ll have a lot of good outfits for your characters!! If you’re interested in using me to do your outfits email me at episode.cay@gmail.com❤️

I love creating Outfits here is an example of one I use in my own stories:

I would love to help!

I would love to help!

i would love to help, ill dm you on instagram if the position isnt filled. im also free almost everyday for most of the day!

this is a limelight outfit i created as well
simplicity always looks best

I would like to do it! Please PM me!

I’m a fashion stylist and ADORE this kind of thing. I would absolutely, LOVE to be of help. I live and breathe styling. XD That is, if you still need help. XD

I would love to help if you still need it

If you still need one, I’m happy to work with you 24/7… I won’t let you down!!!