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Angels Outfit Design Shop! (OPEN+FREE)

Hi everyone!
One of my favorite things about creating a story is the outfits. Designing them to fit my character and their personalities, I always find that outfits help me to build a profile for the characters and what they are like!
That being said I want to help other creators out who may be struggling with outfits or even designing characters.
Fashion is something I am passionate about and I can’t wait to get some requests and design them!

How to request -
Requesting is super easy all you need to do is reply to the thread or send me a private message!
Just let me know what kind of event the outfit is for, a little bit about the aesthetic of your story and your character if they have one, as well as a little bit about their personality and traits!

If you want a character its exactly the same! Just tell me a bit about the aesthetic of your story, and anything you have in mind about the character you want designed!

Rules -
I’m not big on rules and I don’t want to be strict but please respect me and don’t harass me with messages, I will try my very best to get to you asap!
No need for credits and everything is completely free of charge! I just want to help you out!
Don’t be afraid to not use my outfit or ask me to redesign- if you don’t like it that’s absolutely fine!

That’s all I have to say thank you so much!


Moved to Art Resources since this is about outfit design. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :smiley:

Great idea! I don’t need any atm but I will be sure to request when I do!

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hey can you show some examples
not wanna be rude

Of course! Here are some of my favorites -

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This are really beautiful especially the last one :heart_eyes:
Can i please get an outfit


personality-So she is a type of girl whose mother brought her up as a boy and her mother never compair her to anybody for strength
Can u please don’t let her wear dresses or skirts or high heels
if u need more info tell me :smile:

Umm…so I might need your help again.

I need just a few going-out outfits for her. She’s a mother. And she cares a lot for her kids. The event is just meeting up with co-workers for an opportunity to get to know them. And she wants to wear something casual. She’s in a horror story…and she’s innocent.

Take your time!