Outfit designer available ~

Hi! I’ve seen on the forum a lot of people asking for outfit ideas for their stories and I always try to submit mines. Then I thought, I could create a thread offering my free help for all those who need it and want it. :sunflower:

I really enjoy creating new outfits no matter the gender, era or theme in particular. So, if you are interested and want some help, you can write something down here :point_down:t2: and I’ll try to reply as soon as I can. :relaxed:

(You can also DM me for that matter.)

I will only ask to tag me if you finally like it, @marla.ep on IG. :cherry_blossom:

If anybody is interested I’ll be posting the commissions right below, so you can see whether you may like the outfit or not (unless if it’s a DM commission). :tulip:

Anyway, I hope I can help anyone here! ~ :ribbon:


Bump :smiley:

Could you please make me some badass,s’xy and edgy outfits please


Hii! I’m really in need of male outfits (for the love interest) that look hot / cool. If you can, that would really be useful! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


hello @IsisPink im in need of a cool party outfit for the LI it’s a boy! something cool, hot, sexy anything you call it, If you can’t its totally fine! btw thanks for reading! :innocent:


Of course! Here are three options, I hope you like any of them! :sparkling_heart: :point_down:t2:

1st Outfit Details
  • Multilayered Zippered Popped Collar Jacket Cotton Navy Red :coat:
  • Sleeveless Shirt Cotton :anger:
  • Multi Cartilage Piercing Metal Silver :black_circle:
  • Figaro Chain Necklace Metal Silver :white_heart:
  • Cuffed Shorts Cotton Grey Black :shorts:
  • Sneaker Rubber Sole Canvas Red Rose :mans_shoe:
  • Leg Hair Black :leg:
2nd Outfit Details
  • Hoop Earring Silver Line Metal Grey Black :ear:t2:
  • Velvet Jacket Forest Green :green_heart:
  • Faded Vintage Band T Shirt Cotton Grey Cool :running_shirt_with_sash:
  • Chain Accesories Ripped Jeans Denimgrey Black :jeans:
  • Chunky Sneakers Leather Black :athletic_shoe:
3rd Outfit Details
  • Open Flannel Open Shirt Rolled Sleeves Cotton Red Cherry :t-shirt:
  • Worn Ripped Jeans Denim Blue Oxford :jeans:
  • Bloodstone Ring Necklace :heart:
  • Red Rope Metal Bracelets Metal Rope :prayer_beads:
  • Untied Combat Boots Leather Black Neutral :hiking_boot:

If you decide to use any of them, let me know! :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Sure, here’re three options! :blossom: :point_down:t2:

1rst Outfit Details
  • Ribbed Beanie Striped Cashmere Grey Black :billed_cap:
  • V Neck Short Sleeve Polo Cotton Cool White :womans_clothes:
  • Beaded Leather Strapped Bracelet Leather Grey Black :black_heart:
  • Matte Leather Belted Pants :jeans:
  • Creepers Shoes Pleather Black White :athletic_shoe:
2nd Outfit Details
  • Tinted Sunglasses Metalgold :dark_sunglasses:
  • Buttoned Short Sleeve Shirt And Undershirt Cotton Blue Cornflower :t-shirt:
  • Docker Shorts Cotton Grey White :white_heart:
  • Friendship Bracelet Twine Brown Oak :dizzy:
  • Flip Flops Cotton Grey Black :sandal:
3rd Outfit Details
  • Open Collar Button Up Cotton Complex Color :necktie:
  • Ankle Length Skinny Slacks Polyester Houndstooth :jeans:
  • Contractor Boots Leather Grey Black :mans_shoe:

If you decide to use any of them, let me know! :relieved:


I like the first one!! How should I credit ya?

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You can add my Instagram username @marla.ep :blossom:

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Sorry for the late reply I was at school :sweat_smile: but…

THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL :heart::heart::heart: and I am going to use them thank you :blush: so much

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Can I also request 4 male casual, sexy and hot outfits :nerd_face::thinking::grin::sweat_smile:

Sure thing, that’s why I created the thread! :innocent:

1rst Outfit Details
  • Leather Hoodie Zipped Up Long Sleeve Jacket Leather Black
  • Braided Abalone Shell Necklace Leather Brown Oak
  • Distressed Tight Jeans Denim Black
  • Laceup Running Shoes Cotton Grey Black
2nd Outfit Details
  • Sheepskin Pocket Jacket Leather Brown Oak
  • Woopneckshortsleeveplain Yellow Dandelion
  • Striped Boho Loose Belted Cotton Grey Warm
  • Canvas Shoes With Socks Canvas Brown
  • Multiple Beaded Strapped Bracelets Leather Neutral Beige
3rd Outfit Details
  • Sailor Lined Pocket Shirt Cotton White Navy
  • Long Chain Ring Necklace Metal Silver
  • Docker Shorts Cotton Grey White
  • Cuff Metal Accent Bracelet Blue Navy
  • Slip On Canvas Purple Twilight
4th Outfit Details
  • Ripped Rock Cotton Black Tee
  • Distressed Ripped Jeans Denim Blue Oxford
  • Wrap Around Jacket Cotton Camo
  • Multiple Beaded Strapped Bracelets Leather Red Rose
  • Pull Tab Yellow Stitched Rubber Heel Boot Matte Leather Red

If you decide to use any of them, let me know! :hugs:


Thank you so much they are amazing I will definitely use them and sorry for the late reply different time zones :sweat_smile:

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Thanks! Don’t worry :white_heart:

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Hey can I get outfit for male age around 30-35 who is king and attending a ball
And 2 outfits for a girl 12 years old who is princess,daughter of king and one outfit special and attractive and other one boring pls who is also attending ball

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Sure! I hope you like them :sparkling_heart:

Boring Ball Outfit
  • Princess Tiara Silver Dimond Grey Light Cool
  • Collared Flare Bottom Dress Magenta
  • Pearl Bracelet Grey White
  • Ballet Flats Cotton Grey Black Flowers
Amazing Ball Outfit
  • Queen Crown Gold Diamond Yellow Goldenrod
  • Baewear Earrings
  • Collar Gala Dress Chiffon Yellow True
  • Bangle Thick Beaded Bracelet Stone Gold
  • Laceup Angel Sandals Gold
King Ball Outfit
  • Prom King Crown Metal Gold
  • Blazer Nehru Ascot Cotton Brown Raw Sienna
  • Belted Pressed Slacked Baggy Ankles Polyester Gold
  • Classic Pleather Oxfords Leather Brown Coffee

If you decide to use any of them, let me know! :relieved:

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I like it :blush:

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Hey could I get some cute and sexy beach outfits for both male and female

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Here are some options for you, I hope you like them! :dizzy:

1rst Outfit Details
  • Backwards Baseball Flat Lid Cap Cotton White Navy
  • Thin Silver Hoop Earring
  • Strapless High Waisted Bathing Suit Cotton Black White
  • Waist Tie Swim Wrap Polyester Complex Color
  • Smart Watch Bangle Metal Silver
  • Wedge Espadrilles Cloth Black
2nd Outfit Details
  • Sunglasses on Head Plastic Grey White
  • Frill Top High Waisted Swimsuit Lycra Complex Color
  • Locket Necklace Metal Gold
  • Distressed Mini Skirt Denim Blue
  • Dual Bangles Beaded Bracelet Gold Blue
  • Strappy Gladiator Wedges Suede Tan
3rd Outfit Details
  • Tinted Thick Framed Glasses Neutral Black
  • Vintage Halter Cotton Purple Blue Violet
  • Beach Day Shorts Cotton Blue Raven
  • Thick Bangles Plastic Peach
  • Strap Flip Flop Rubber Blue Navy

1rst Outfit Details
  • Training Tank Cotton Complex Color
  • Thin Round Rim Sunglasses Metal Gold
  • Prayer Beads Bracelet Wood Carved Brown
  • Swim Trunks Hawaiian Hibiscus Orange Sunny
  • Flip Flops Cotton Grey Black
2nd Outfit Details
  • V Neck Tropical Open Jacket Flower Blue Oxford
  • Braided Abalone Shell Necklace Leather Brown Oak
  • Friendship Bracelet Twine Brown Oak
  • Shorts Elastic Ties Cotton Pink Light
3rd Outfit Details
  • Short Sleeve Single Pocket Rolled Sleeve Cotton 90s Pattern
  • Shorts Elastic Ties Cotton Neutral Grey Lt Warm
  • Friendship Thread Bracelets Cotton Rainbow
  • Slip On Canvas Beige Yellow

If you decide to use any of them, let me know! :tongue:


They’re perfect!! Thank you! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Heyy @IsisPink , can you help me? I need three different outfits for three different characters:

Gender: Female
Occasion: Upscale Party (Upper Class)
Side Notes: Main Character’s 1st Bestfriend / Rich-Casual (Nothing Too Fancy)

Gender: Male
Occasion: Upscale Party (Upper Class)
Side Notes: Main Character’s 2nd Bestfriend / Rich-Casual (Nothing Too Fancy) / Sexuality = Straight

Gender: Female
Occasion: Upscale Party (Upper Class)
Side Note: Main Character’s Close Friend / Rich-Casual (Nothing Too Fancy)

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