Outfit designer for my story?

I need a new outfit designer

You need to be quite active

I will give you requests on outfits I need

And you will either send me a picture of them or make them on my account

You will be credited for the outfits you make

Also my story isn’t apparently gonna be the next big hit in the top 20s

So it’s a privilege

To be my outfit designer all you need to do is comment!


i can be your outfit designer


You’re not allowed to have someone else log onto your account! :x:

Also, 6th sentence makes no sense? It’s a privilege because your story won’t be in the Top 20? Whaaaaaat does that mean :monocle: ?!

Don’t forget, if someone accepts, they’re doing you a favor! Please don’t refer to it as a “privilege” :blob_sun: .



I Can Help, I Love Making Outfits!

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