Outfit designer here!(LL)

Hey I can make outfits for ya!!!Just fill the form below and you’re set :grin:.Also if you want you can drop your character so you can be a background character in my story :heart_eyes::sparkles:


•character personality
•describe how you want the outfit to be (cute, casual…)
•anything that I need to know before making it

If you want to be a character in my story:
•character name

Thank you!!! :cupid:

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This seems pretty cool!

Characters personality is pretty calm :slight_smile:
Age: 29
Occasion : Training (fighting)
I want it to be spunky but also bad a&&
It’s in LL :slight_smile:

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Hey!!Thank you for requesting :cupid:
I made you two options so you can choose or combine stuff.Tell me if you need any changes!

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Thank you these are perfect :flushed::blush:

Can I have your credit details? :blush:

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I’m glad you love them!!!
I don’t need credits bby thank you again for requesting! :cupid:

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Thank you have a great day/night :blush: