Outfit Designing

Hey I am :purple_heart: Queen Lizzie of Episode Royalty :purple_heart:. I love to do outfit for my character in my own story Thorns, and I felt why not help other people too ! I know how much works it is to write a story, find the background, create outfit and direct is A LOT OF WORK, that why I would to help you !
All I am asking for in return is
credit me in your story and tag in post if the character are wearing one of my designed outfit
Oh and follow me on instagram: @queen_lizzie_episoe
Here is a link, jus fill it out !


Hey Lizzie!! Cool thread. :joy::wink:



Of course here are some few option i have designed for you

Ok so here is the first option

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Option 2!


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which one do you want?
So i can send the name of each piece of clothings.

ok here are the details
Don’t forget to credit me in your story:
Clothes Used

Pantsuit Teal Heels

Wedding Sleeveless Top (Turquoise)

Light Blue Chunky Necklace

Black Professor Pencil Skirt