Outfit feedback! (Story: I'll fight through fire!)

Could I get feedback on my episode MC (Alexis) and her best friend (Ruby)

Alexis and Ruby are best-friends whom never dreamt of chasing fame,
So they became their schools misfits…
So they have a sort of theme to their dress…

Alexis however in my story discovered she is the daughter of Artemis (The greek goddess of the hunt) Who has sold her to Hades and hades wishes to set her up with his son.

My story is called “I’ll fight through fire!” Which in itself makes the dress more understandable.







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Alexia’s 2 demigod outfits are pretty cool!

Glad to hear about that because she is brought to olympus in 1 and then Artemis threatens zeus about what will happen if he treats alexia like a guard… (Those who protect olympus by basically dying first…)

And then artemis changes alexia into traditional goddess attire number 2.

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