Outfit, Hair, & Makeup Script Help!

I’ve seen it done often but cannot find any subject or script template on this so I have been trying to create my own. I’m beyond frustrated at this point. I’m also praying that I’m posting in the correct section cause I’m shy and don’t wanna be yelled at :frowning: . So I’m trying to make a script where my reader can pick their outfit as well as change up their hair & makeup. However, I keep getting errors that labels are not created. Does anybody have a script template for this that I can have, pwetty pwease? Also if there’s something I need to add after this to make it stick, you can mention that as well. I just want to learn the coding so I’m able to write in peace without getting discouraged!


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If you go on Instagram someone names episode_alexa is on there and she has 10k+ followers ( that information is there for you to locate her more easily) there is template there

Hope this helped :two_hearts::two_hearts:

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As for outfit if you search outfit in the search box they’ll be some sort of clothing template somewhere or there is someone named GiGi that has an official template thread and makes threads for you she made my one and it took while but it was worth it

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If you click on the link in my profile, I have many templates there including hair and lipstick change for both INK and Limelight, along with a dressing game template. I also have a guide that helps you remember that outfit choice.


Thanks so muchhh, I’ll definitely check her out! :sparkling_heart:

Ok and your welcome :grin::grin:

Thank you ! I’m going to check out your script templates right now. :grin: