Outfit Help needed

I need help creating outfits. If I like all of yours enough you and I may be partners or something. I will credit you at the end of an episode. If you don’t like how i’m going about our partnership let me know. I am open to your opinions.

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What kind of outfit help do ya need?

Well, whatever you want to do whether that’s commenting on mine or making some for me.

Okay, I’m working on something right now… I’ll try to make an outfit later if that’s ok.

yeah. Also just so you know i’m using limelight.

Question is the outfit for boy LL or girl???

Well I need both. I am really not good at the males.

yeah me too but i’ll post a few i’ve done while i was bored (they’re not in a published story so your free to use them if you’d like

Those are really good.
How would you like me to credit you?

@Ashlyn_G is just fine since i don’t have an episode instagram account


Heyy. I would love to help you out, dm if you are still interested on getting someone to help.

If you’re still in need of outfits check out my new thread and I’ll be very happy to help you!

i think i can help :
Emilia’s Limelight AND Ink outfits shop