Outfit help pleas

I have some outfits. But i dont like how they are. Is there anyone willing to do some outfits for me and without payment


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`Hey there’s a thread that has different LL outfits that you can chose from.

Hey, I’m interested! I can help you if you haven’t found anyone yet

No i havent if u want to thts great! I will let you knw here in a bit what i would like and i will give credit.

Sure! Just let me know what you need!

How many r u comfortable making at one time?

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I don’t mind, it’s a pretty quick thing to do! As many as you need!

Ik i need a disguise if u will call it for both princes

So, just two casual male outfits for now?

If its okay with you.

i need the Prince’s casual outfit and his brother.

For MC
5 dresses but she has to wear glasses in all outfits
5 pjs
6 casual
3 formal
6 uniforms
6 date
1 queen outfit
and also u can make
any other outfit you wanna make. its up to u…if you want i can even feature a character for you in the story.

I also have another story i have been trying to work on for sometime now. Its about a girl who lost her memory in an accident she doesnt remember anything before the accident and tht she has to piece her life together bit by bit but the thing is would she be able to regain her memory or would her mind be a blank forever. Would anyone read it?

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Okay, I’ll start with the outfits!
And yes, I believe the second story would be very interesting!!

Hey, I’m starting your outfits, but I have a question. What exactly do you mean by uniforms?
Also, do you want me to make them on your portal or send you screenshots of mine?

either way is fine with me. And like school uniforms…but im redoin my story.

i also need an every day out fit for a mom and dad and like 1 or 2 dressy type outfits.

my portal if you wanna do it there


password is blurred

The Prince’s Heart is the one im working on with the outfits

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hey girl! Im trying to log in to make the outfits, but it needs verification from you! do you have an instagram where we can communicate?

I hit yes for u to be logged in. I dont knw y it didnt log u in. But yeah i have insta

This is me

Episode logged me in! I’ll start your outfits now!

Good. I kinda figured tht was u lol. Kinda went in blinded with numbers lol

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I’ve made 3 different for pjs so far, and two options for a queen outfit. See if you like them whenever you log in!!

I’ve made 3 different for pjs so far, and two options for a queen outfit. See if you like them whenever you log in and let me know!

Will do!