Outfit help wanted!

So, I sucks at making outfits. Anyone wanna make them for me. Creds will be given!!! :slight_smile:

I can try! Send the character details

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i can do it

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@Mya1357 and I work together!

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I’m also willing to help out, let me know if you need help still.

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If you’re still needing help I can help you. ^^

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The more the merrier :slight_smile:

so whos doing it

Why not :slight_smile:

Brows- defined natural
Hair- long feathered
Hair color- fawn
Eyes- upturned bold
Eye color- hickory
Face- round
Nose- elven
Lip color- cherry red

Skin- beige
Brows- medium sharp
Hair- short cropped hair
Hair color- black
Eyes- stoic almond
Eye color- green
Face-defined triangle
Nose- button
Lip color-taupe

What kinds of outfits do you need?

What’s the scene of it?


Any outfits

So no specific style, just any kinds?

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Like the style of it

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Moved to Art Resources since it’s about character designs. :wink:

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