Outfit idea thread! (INK)

Hi there! Alot of times when I write, I mostly make outfits lmao, so I decided to make an Outfit Idea sharing thread! This thread is to share outfits that you made for ink!

What to do?

  1. Share a screenshot or clothing names in this thread!
  2. Only post ink outfits!
  3. (optional) Give your outfit a name!
  4. (optional) You can also say if they’re formal/casual/ect.

I’ll also be sharing some outfit ideas!
Thanks if you do reply!




This is kind of a duplicate topic :slight_smile:
The original topic was by @Purple_Ghost


Oh sorry! I didn’t know. Should I delete it?

All these are basicaly for a bad girl AKA biker chick
p.s i used key necklace because it fit the story so feel free to remove it or change it

  • darker / usual wear
    1 13 7 4 16 12

  • a bit girly things
    6 11 10

  • party

  • bad girl needs to clean up and look elegant
    9 15 2

  • casual
    5 14

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Found this thread and I was bored so B)))))

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sorry for not posting alot lmao

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