Outfit ideas for multiple character types needed

I’m looking for someone to aid me in designing outfits for specific roles! You will be getting credit for every design! A few roles are Court Ladies, Servants and Guards, and the special outfits for the main character! Please DM me if you’d be interested!


I’m interested if you still need some help @izzy16


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I’m interested if you still need help! just mssg me and we can talk there.

I am super interested on helping you out if you still need help. I have a huge passion for fashion and one of my favorite parts of Episode is creating outfits.
If you want, you can contact me at instagram: @writer.ella

Im a professional designer for Fashion Nova. I do this during my free time! Im here and free to help!


Super intrested I love both ink and limelight. My favorite part of writing a story is the outfits and designing the characters. So I would love to help you out:grin::orange_heart::purple_heart: if your intrested @itsemely_sofuckoff

I like to help as well. I am very passionate about my work.

I’d love to help you out!