Outfit ideas for specific event [Limelight]

Not sure where this would go but I am in need of idea’s for outfits for a “Gala” (or more so a fancy annual dinner party) the story is in limelight so if anyone has any outfit combos that go well together it would be really appreciated if you could share them as right now I’m stuck between choices that are like long gowns and short ones… and not sure which is more fitted to the type of event so if I had ideas i would make it easier to create appropriate outfits.


Hmm when I hear the word “Gala” I’m inclined to think of long dresses, but I suppose you could do either way, as long as you remain consistent. Here is a few long dress ideas!


@ahreeah Hey you could request here for anything you desire :heart: You can get it done by tmrw if u want :relaxed:


Me too but then I watched this movie that had a charity gala and the women in that had short dresses so I was majorly confused because I always thought long dresses too, and thank you so much for these options :slight_smile:

@Thima_123 thanks so much I will head over there after work today, I’m in no real rush for these yet it’s a few episodes into my story before this event happens.


@ahreeah No problem :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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