Outfit Ideas ! Meet and help people!

Hey everyone !! So I’m currently working on a story and I’m putting outfits together. As I’m doing this I was thinking it could be so difficult to pick out outfits sometimes. So I made this thread so that fellow writers and readers can post outfit ideas for limelight, INK, and even Classic ! :joy:
Rules for thread:

  1. Be Respectful !! (I cannot stress this enough)
  2. Be Original !! (If you already see it in the thread don’t post it again. No one likes a copy cat.)
  3. Have fun !! (I love to see how creative people get so appreciate and support other people, Who knows you might make a friend!)
    Thank you so much and I hope I can see some people on this :slight_smile: I’ll start it off !
    :heart:Side Note: You don’t have to only talk about outfits. Maybe start a conversation or something :blush::heart:

Great idea! outfits sometimes take so much time that i almost go nuts lol

Anyways here’s too of my favorite

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Here is another older outfit thread if you all are interested. :slightly_smiling_face: