Outfit ideas needed - INK


Hi there, i’m making a story set in the olden days like fairytale age and i am lost for ideas on what outfits to do so if you could leave screenshots below of some ideas that would be great!
I have changed the style to ink


Do you want big poofy dresses?


Since Limelight is newer, there aren’t that many clothing updates. Maybe consider changing styles? I know classic has a lot of big dresses and other outfits to work with. If you have your heart set on limelight, here are some outfits I put together really quick. Goodluck x

2 outfits


thank you, and i’m not sure about changing because I already have quite a few ink stories but i’ll think about it.
thank you for the outfits tho!


I have changed the style to ink, thanks for the idea


Episode came out with some really pretty victorian dresses for Ink. One of my personal favorites is the Ivory Formal Victorian Dress.