Outfit ideas please


I’m really struggling with outfits for my characters I need various outfits for all types of events please help me :grin:


Hey there @NICOLE94, moving this to Art Resources since you’re looking for outfit ideas. :smile: Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics. :wink:


I got you. INK or Limelight?


INK please thank you


Male or female? Or both?


both please :slight_smile:




On it!


Hey! I’m currently helping people with their outfits so check my thread here for help!
And I uploaded a bunch of outfits there! You should go check it out and maybe share your designs too! Have fun! :grin:


Sorry! It’s me again! Do you want a specific outfit for your character? Like in what occasion, what color your character should wear (personalities if possible)? I’ll be able to help you!

I’m bored right now so…


Okay I would advise that you tell the one person you want to work on your outfits that they’re the person (unless you’re wanting a group) because it’s going to be hella confusing


Sorry didnt see your comment til now
occassions all occasions you can think of as they will appear throughout the story

i will pm you personalities dont wanna reveal too much on here


i choose you as you were first to comment and are working on them


No she can work on them, It’s fine


Whoops! I’m so sorry! :sweat:


No it’s all good. I just wanted to know what I’m doing haha


im so sorry im new i dunno how to close a thread when someone has taken the job :unamused:


No it’s all good I understand. @AndreaH you can work on it since you have nothing to do