Outfit is Darker

Okay, I need help.
So, my outfits are darker everytime I try to code it in. When I make the outfit, it’s the normal color but when I code it, it gets darker. Also, my glasses are supposed to be black, not white.
Any suggestions?

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It’s a glitch that’s been happening with ink for a few months already… But don’t worry, it’s only on the portal. It’s all fine in the app


yeah its a weird glitch some of the ink clothes looks diffrent on the portal, dont worry they look fine on mobile. which is what your readers will see


Thank you! I was about to get worried…lol.

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That’s great, thank you. I’m a new writer so I didn’t know that was happening but thanks.

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well good luck with your story.

here is a little tip dont rush to publish. you get more readers if you spend more time makeing your story good. then you do publish it before its ready.

and also read your story on the app before you publish. sometimes the script can look diffrent on the app. and the app version is what readers will see

Maybe you could submit a ticket to the team, they should be able to help you.

Here is the link.