Outfit name ideas please:)

Can anyone give me some outfit names? I’m terrible at making outfit names lol

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Thank you

Depending on the character’s job, I make a default outfit. If the character is a scientist, the outfit would be a scientist outfit named Sara_Default. If she’s in high-school I’d do outfits depending on climate/color. Is your outfit warm and black? Winter_Black. For Pajamas, I do Sara_PJ. Hope this helped. :wink:
*Sara is an example name.

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ThaNK YoU!!!

I should take my own advice. Only 1 of my stories has perfect outfit names . :sob:

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Well you could do like…

Lets say your making your character have a sweater dress you could just put—

CHARACTERS NAME_sweaterdress1 or if your character is wearing a gold dress you could put
CHARACTERS NAME_golddress and if you plan on making another gold dress you could put
CHARACTERS NAME_golddress1 “because theirs going to be more than 1”

(If that makes sense)

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