Outfit Request List :blob_hearts:

Heyyyy ! I need something to fill some extra free time I have and I’m doing outfit requests! I’ll leave some examples but if you want to, please please please use the form I have below! Copy and paste! Preferably send LL requests but I will also do INK! :blob_hearts:

(Please dont judge the examples lmao they’re characters and outfits from my upcoming story)

My Outfits
Generic Female LL

Plus Sized Female LL

Feminine Male LL

Generic Male LL

The Form

Bold = Required

  • Which style: Ink or Limelight
  • Outfit style: (casual/fancy/ect)
  • Outfit Gender: (Generic F, Plus size, or Male)
  • Outfit inspiration: (image, ect)
  • Anything else?

Thank you !! :blob_hearts: